Modular panels are also called exhibition panel folding kits.

They are portable, durable and flexible. Constructed to the highest standards, they comply with British Class One fire rating and have a 5 year guarantee.Modular panels are available in a variety of frame color and a large range of fabric colors. They are a great way to get a customized stand design, particularly if you stand is a space only stand. Different configurations are available allowing creating rooms within the stand quickly and simply.

We also specialise in trade show displays for exhibitions, which can be an excellent way to shift those products once your bold and well designed display and stand have caught their eye. The great thing is about a durable, well designed hoarding is that it can easily be reused by your business after any event, or conversely brought into an event especially after already being displayed at your place of business. Perfect for indoor or outdoor displays, smaller point of sale advertising hoardings are surprisingly mobile, which means you can easily add them alongside other exhibition graphics or stands as part of your overall display.